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Our services to you begin when you contact us, whether by calling at our offices personally, by telephone or via this website. Those services can often extend way beyond the day of the funeral.

Initially we will ask for preliminary details and ensure that the necessary requirements are carried out. Depending on whether the death occurred at home, in hospital or in a private nursing home we will then advise on the conveyance of the deceased to our Chapel of Rest.

We will then make arrangements for an appropriate time and place for our representative to call and meet the family members to discuss the necessary arrangements for the funeral service. This will be organised and arranged to a standard and procedure that meets the needs and requirements of the family and those concerned.

As ideas and conventions linked to the type of funeral requested change, so too have many people's attitudes to the type of funeral or memorial service they want.  Not all funeral services take place in church and very much depends on the wishes of the family and those concerned. Some services can take place at the crematorium immediately prior to the committal while others may be requested at a private ceremony. (It should be noted however, that services held at the crematorium can be subject to strict time constraints due to scheduling issues.)

One of the fundamental aspects of many of the rites associated with a religious ceremony is the celebration of life and more people wish for a service that reflects this creating one which is more personal, adequately reflecting the person in a lasting memory. Favourite music, both classical and contemporary can be incorporated, particularly at the crematorium alongside displaying photographs or mementoes. Printed funeral stationery such as an Order of Service can also incorporate personal tributes and be a tangible memorial to your loved one.

All these aspects can be considered before you meet with our representative and discussed when the final arrangements for the service are made.

As your funeral director we are here to help and we will be able to advise on various aspects such as

    -  an appropriate church or suitable venue

    -  a minister or person who is able to officiate

    -  the committal options available to you

    -  the type of service you require

    -  recommended suppliers for associated requirements eg: flowers, printed funeral stationery etc.


It is not our policy to impose urgency or apply undue pressure on you or your family. lt is important for many people to reflect on the personality and character of the deceased within the arrangements and this often requires time and thought to do so

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