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The funeral account itself is divided into two separate parts, the Funeral Directors Charges and the Disbursements. These contain our professional fees and overhead costs, which include the provision of a 24 hour a day on call rota, our professional services in making the funeral arrangements and arranging documentation and necessary personal attendance’s, the conveyance of the deceased to our private chapel and the use of the same until the day of the funeral.

Hygienic treatment and attendances to the deceased are also considered to be very important. We believe that in asking us to look after a member of your family, you would like to be certain that the best which could be done for your relative has been carried out whether you wish to visit the deceased before the funeral or not.


Disbursements are essentially fees that we pay out on behalf of the family, ie: Doctor’s Fees where appropriate, Crematorium and or Cemetery Fees and Parochial Fees, Newspapers etc. Our written estimate (if requested) will detail the approximate costs of any disbursements. However, you will appreciate that we have no direct control over these charges and they could therefore be subject to slight variations.

Doctors Fees (Cremation)

No cremation can take place until the cause of death is definitely known. There are two cremation certificates and each must be signed by a different doctor. These certificates must be paid for and are listed under disbursements. The cremation certificates are not required when the death is referred to the coroner.

Hearse and Limousines

The hearse for the funeral with driver and bearers are also an essential part of our service to you, especially when your family’s request is to go into church or a place of worship.

Limousines are charged separately. This ensures that the family is not charged for something they may neither  need nor want. The charge for the limousine is fully inclusive to cover transport from the address at which your family requires to be picked up, through to your return to the final destination, within a limited distance.

Each limousine has a driver and will normally carry up to seven mourners.


Whilst arranging the funeral, we will advise on costs and charges which will be incurred and, if necessary, will provide a written estimate

Other things you may need to know